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"Trusting God Beyond Limits" chronicles Juliana Gardiner's journey as a wife, mother, and ministry leader, offering practical wisdom and inspiring tales of faith, perfect for those seeking encouragement and growth.

Juliana Gardiner

New Release

Trusting God Beyond Limits

TRUSTING GOD BEYOND LIMITS is the maiden book of an upcoming author. It is the story of her life and faith journey. The author's journey of writing this book is also an inspiring tale of perseverance and faith. The book has many practical pointers to help one move a notch higher in their faith journey. This inspirational book may just be what you have been waiting for! For people who might be on the verge of giving up their faith or even wondering if their faith is worth fighting for, this book will engage you, inspire you, and challenge you!

Trusting God Beyond Limits Book Cover


8-Week Free Virtual Book Discussion
8-Week Free Virtual Book Discussion
May 18, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Juliana Gardiner

About the Author

A mom, wife, and higher education professional. Juliana Gardiner supports her husband, the founder and general overseer of World Outreach Ministries, headquartered in Irvington, NJ as a leader of the music team and the women’s ministry. Juliana is an advocate for using every situation as an opportunity for learning and growth...

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