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What's on your Mind?

Updated: Mar 18

We are usually caught up with something on our minds- whether good or bad, pleasant, or unpleasant; success or failure; victories or regrets It could be something great that happened to us or something not too desirable. Sometimes it even trickles down to the way we feel due to our circumstances or something we heard or even happened.

Do you know that what is on your mind affects your mood and behavior? Have you considered the fact that you have the choice to change what is on your mind? That is if you don’t like it, or it is affecting you negatively. Think for a moment of something pleasant that has happened in your life before for a second. Does it change something or the way you feel? If so, think about this verse of scripture “… I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore, with lovingkindness have I drawn thee” Jeremiah 31:3. This verse reminds us of God’s love for His people – including me and you. Feeling loved is everyone’s most desired need and knowing that the Almighty God says He loves us is a great deal.

You might ask if He loves me why am I going through what I am going through right now? Before I answer that question, let me ask you “Think about the people you love most and would do anything for” The list might include your children, spouse, a special friend, mom, dad, sibling, etc. Here again, the fact that you love them doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days. Yes, they do – but I bet to say especially in the case of our children, when they come and express whatever might be happening, we are sure to fix them – it has happened with my children so many times – It is such a joy to see my daughter smile again, although she came to me with a problem that was weighing her down. And so, you see, that is how it is. Howbeit, God’s love is enormous and we can lean on His love. Whenever those issues come up to upset us making us unstable and feeling worried, or unhappy, we can turn them over to Him because He cares for us.

It is imperative to understand that His love has nothing to do with our present situation- chance and time happen to everyone. And in those chances and times, we have the choice to lean into our heavenly father to draw strength and comfort. These words are words from the Almighty God Himself. Does the verse resonate with you? So, knowing this, how does it affect your energy level?

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